I hate Blogger

i was writing a really nice long informative article about development on linux, available coding environments which was to be the first in a series, and i accidently loaded another page in the window, clicked back and it autosaved an empty document over my article. Blogger sucks. This is why i don't write articles. 

Google i hope u'r listening, stop neglecting blogger!!!! Make the wyswig editor more like Google Docs.


Genius Mouse Pen 8x6 tablet

Getting my Genius Tablet to work on Linux has always been a pain, so i decided to write a description of how i manage to do it, so i'm setting it up on a second laptop as a write this, taking note of my steps. This is what didnt work:
  • Installing the package from the openSUSE software install site
  • Downloading a binary driver from random sites and trying to load it
After a long time of searching, i know that the driver for this is known as the WizardPen driver, and the official Genius site refers me to this driver site which is really completely out of date unless you scrape through all the forums. After a long time i found another site, here which seems to host the latest versions of the code.

So... i downloaded this source, after install the xorg-server-sdk and some development stuff, i managed to compile succesfully. From here, i set up my xorg.conf exactly as everyone else does, and it worked!!!

PS: I have noticed that with Xorg 7.3 and above, that my tablet isn't working. There is some limited stuff on the forums about it, and i have hacked a fix into my version of the driver. I will write further on this when i have time ( projects are a bit harsh at work at the moment ). If you need an urgent solution please drop a comment or email me.