Adding some shine to your Pepper

So, with my new domain, having my own wiki, part of the intention is to start a series of tutorials. The immediate focus is some simple tricks in Gimp for programmers, since programmer art generally has the rep for looking tacky and cheap. I don't claim to be an expert designer, but i do try and keep my art standard above a certain level. The first tutorial is a simple button with a bit of shine and can be found here:


But... i've embedded it below anyway :)

Creating a simple button with a bit of shine

  • Open Gimp and Create a new image with canvas size 128x128
  • Right click the Background layer, and click Add alpha channel
  • In the Select Menu -> All
  • Select -> Rounded Rectangle ( Set Radius = 50 )
  • Select -> Invert
  • Edit -> Clear ( or just press delete )


  • Select -> Invert
  • Use the Bucket Tool to Fill with color #3d3d85
  • Create a new layer above the background
  • Use the Ellipse Select Tool with Ctrl + Alt depressed. Using Ctrl + Alt creates an intersection with the existing selection created an intersection.
  • Select an ellipse like this:


  • Use the Gradient Tool with the Tool Options setup with a gradient from White to Alpha
  • On the new layer: Start far below the image ( 50 - 100px below ) and drag to a few pixels before the top of the icon, creating the gradient


  • Create a new layer between the background and the highlight layer ( Naming layers is good practice! )
  • Select Forground Color: #2a2a5a
  • Use the Gradient Tool with the Tool Options setup with a gradient from #2a2a5a to Alpha
  • On the new layer: Start just above image ( 10px ) and drag to just over half way down the selection


  • On the background layer in the toolbox, right click and select Alpha to Selection, thus selecting the nice rounded rectangle.
  • Create a new layer directly above background again
  • Setup a gradient from White to Alpha
  • Set the Gradient Shape to Radial
  • On new layer: Start just below top left rounded corner, and drag to just off ( 10px ) the bottom right corner.
  • Set layer opacity to roughly 50%


  • Create a new layer directly above the background again
  • Select the Paintbrush tool
  • Change the current brush tool option to Pepper ( yes the green pepper ) and set the scale to 1.70
  • Draw the pepper in the center of the new layer


A domain with a wiki

Apologies for the very extended AFK, work has been keeping me busy. However, to compensate, i have many fun things in store. Firstly, i have finally bought my own domain, and have some basic stuff set up, including a wiki. So without further ado,



"Microsoft Hatred is a Disease"

Thanks to @mjhutchinson on twitter for the screen shot.
Btw, sorry for all the AFK, will return shortly. ish. sometime. i hope. soon.