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Hope it's not too obscure :)

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TF2 Stats

Some of you might know that i'm a somewhat avid TF2 player... so here's my current stats for anyone who is interested:
On a side note, i have learnt a lot about Game Design over the last year, and i feel a blog post about that coming along soon :)


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Either you like it, or it drives you criminally insane. I fall in the latter category.


Cupcake's European Spring Tour!

Since Cupcake, aka Android 1.5, is due to be released via over-the-air ( OTA ) updates any time now, a lot of ppl are getting more anxious! Apparently official rollout has started in the UK and will start soon in the rest of the world. However, here in the Netherlands, i had not recieved any update when i saw the news this morning. The news that 1.5 european radio firmware was available!

Thanks to AndroidPlanet.nl for hosting the article on where to get it and how to install it, however i have some appendices and an english version. Being stuck without my cable or a micro sd card reader, i had to improvise to make it work. So here is how to do cake u're phone without pc access:

  1. Install ( free from Android Market ), ASTRO file manager and Download Crutch. If you use another filemanager that has the abilities to move/copy and rename files then use whatever you feel better with. Download Crutch basically makes the phone download any file you select in phone browser. Without this ( or a suitable application that associates itself with this sort of file ), you cannot download some filetypes.
  2. Download this update zip file in the browser. Because you have Download Crutch it will not fail.
  3. Open the file manager and go to /sdcard/downloads and move the file named signed-CRB17-from-TMI-RC9-eu.17667e06.zip to /sdcard
  4. Rename the file to update.zip using your file manager. In ASTRO the rename and move commands are under the edit menu when you long press on the file.
  5. Turn your phone off.
  6. Turn it on, and press Alt + l
  7. It should give you a list of options including pressing Alt + s to install the update found on the SD card.
  8. Be patient and ye shall have Cake!

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Linux market share hits a somewhat official 1%