KDE Development, and the white elephant.

I've had my rant about whether Linux development is user friendly or not, and once again find myself fighting with KDE source. Everytime i have tried to make a simple app i spend more time trying to set up the environment than it would take to make the app. Maybe patience is required, but honestly, i hate admin tasks, and spending hours trying to compile stuff because paths are wrong and there is no quick ( <>

A virtualbox/qemu image with the KDE source and a build scripts and svn repository set up.

That would probably be a good place to begin. After that maybe we can work on having a nice graphical coding environment so i don't have to compensate for the lack of mouse with some ridiculous keyboard macros.


  1. I dont think its that hard to use either Keyboard macros or a basic Editor to do Programming tasks. Take EMACS for examble:

    Save File: ctrl + x + ctrl + s
    Shell command line : ESC + !(equals SHIFT 1 not on numeric keypad)
    new File: ctrl + x + ctrl + f
    the compile command is changeable

    It has inbuild use of diff merge gdb and cvs.
    Its costimizable. And for people who write long coditional trees in their Code even Options to move along them.

  2. Use an IDE like Visual Studio, where you have project management, custom compile options for seperate files without editing a makefile, code completion and parameter list suggestions, and inline debugging and breakpoints. Or think of Eclipse's vast refactoring functions. these are features i can't code without. As it is i really struggle sometimes with XCode's lack of features, so coding in Emacs is something i almost would never consider.