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This isn't really a joke.

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  1. What, haven't you heard of make? Just define a couple rules to debug, build the final product, and what-have-you.
    Combine that with vi[m] (or emacs, if that's how you roll), and you've got yourself a workable IDE.

    Admittedly, it's not as slick as something like Visual Studio, but it's nowhere near as convoluted as you make it seem.

  2. Of course i've heard of make, but using build systems like that is still miles away from the convenience of a decent IDE.

  3. Of course, when using what you call a "decent IDE", anyone who wishes to work on that code needs to have that IDE because it often uses project files and even sometimes code specific to that IDE. Since make is preinstalled on 98% of Linux distros, it's far more convenient. And if you don't have make, you can still usually compile and link it yourself, though that might take a while.