Silence due to Howling

These last few weeks have been full of silence, from my side at least. Other than the weekly comic ( i try hard, sometimes fail ), there hasn't been a post. There are however very good ( in my opinion at least ) reasons for this.

  1.  I bought a T-Mobile G1. Yes, i took the plunge to be an Android "early adopter" ( always wanted to use that ), and it has been a great success so far. The lack of paid applications here in the Netherlands, and eagerly awaiting the next OTA update are by far the most frustrating things, but otherwise the phone is a dream. Obviously, having such a piece of hardware uses up a lot of my time ( i wouldn't be a tech geek if it didn't )... Review to follow soon, i hope. [edit: it's over here]
  2.  In having bought a G1, the app i mentioned and made in Abstruse Goose and Prime Riddles is now on the app store. If anyone is interested, it's called PrimeFinder. So far, people haven't really rated it highly ( i'd guess they didn't try the riddle which i linked to in the description of the app ), but there have been over 200 installs, almost half of which are still active ( according to the stats my android market account ). Not saying it's a good app, just glad that some people appreciated it.
  3. Mysterious project X. Indeed, there is another private project with which i have been occupying my time. The time for a more formal announcement will come, even though my twitter followers have been getting an insight into what it is. Progress is fast, and it is an open-source ( LGPL ) project. It's an app i wish for everyday, which is possibly what is driving progress the most. There are several more features i am going to add before i attempt to rally up support and drive a strong community project, but until that time all i will give is some tech details. It's cross platform, written in C# (on top of Mono), using Qt. Currently it runs out of the box on Linux ( with Mono ) and Windows ( with .Net ) and the issues running on the Mac are related to not being able to load a third party dll for some reason. So anyone who is actually interested, be patient or follow me on twitter ;)

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  1. Although I like the G1's design and all what has been build around it. I'm still not really in love with it to buy one.
    My eyes much more glance at the little cute openmoko.
    And I hope I can get one for birthday but this will take some time. :)

    Untill then I will sharpen my c++ skills and wait.
    By the way David I got a new Project going to maybe u can have a look at it ;-)