Predictions of the future and stuff

Not having much free time ( amongst my TF2 play, work and Howler ) i haven't had time to formulate a decent blog post out of this, but i have a quick prediction. Android will become the most used Desktop Linux distribution. It has a simple interface and a very standard development toolchain which can be used by anyone on any platform. All parts of the toolchain are free, and the centralised market could potentially replace the standard Linux distribution systems as the most used Linux packaging system. I'm not saying people will ditch Ubuntu or openSUSE for Android, but i am suggesting people will buy android netbooks instead of Windows ones. And thats all i have to say about that. Feel free to discuss and flame as the linux community so love to do ;)


  1. [flame]
    " but i am suggesting people will buy android netbooks instead of Windows ones."

    Because they don't understand adriod?
    {end flame]

  2. No, because windows can't run on the cheaper, more power efficient, more mobile ARM processer. :)

  3. Well, except the OS and the hardware developing for WM(Windows Mobile) is free as well. And WM programming is similair to Windows programming (same functions to create a window). The downside of WM is that WM runs at tons of different devices, some with touch screen (WM pro) and some not (WM standard).
    Then comes the fact that until recently there was no centralized distrubution point and the majority of developement for WM is either poor or old.

    Android is new so it has no negative momentum it has to make up for.