Diablo III and the pillars of stupidity

Honestly people, haven't you realised that FUD ( fear, uncertainty and doubt ) is evil and that it is the internet version of vicious rumour style gossip. Blizzard anounced Diablo 3!!!! That is such an amazing thing.With the announcement came the usual trio of artwork, cinematic and gameplay trailers. So what do people do? They complain ( some of them without even looking at the gameplay trailer ) that Diablo 3 will be like WoW.

One of the first comments we heard came from a friend back in South Africa. She told us that a friend said that her husband, who's is big into games and the computer industry, said that it was gonna be like WoW in terms of gameplay and the "fact" that it would be only online. Immediately ignorance claims 2 victims other than the philistine himself. Then I hear more reports from friends all over that they heard its going to be more like WoW. And what brings me to write this is this article. Yes some idiots have actually started a petition about it. So this is in response to the FUD and stupidity out there about Diablo 3.

Dark, gloomy and deeply rooted in the diablo universe.

Click and run game play.

A promise of offline single and coop modes, taking Diablo 2 style gameplay to a new level in the same direction.

Now if people are complaining that they have given Diablo 3 a 3D engine and moved it into the modern day of high speed internet connections for those who have, whilst still maintaining point and click game play and the amazing feel of Diablo 2. If you have any doubt, and some to spare, watch the gameplay video. By now there must by tonnes of low res versions available on the net, so a poor net connection is no excuse. Also look at the screen shots. 

At the time of writing this, the Diablo 3 site was really behaving badly, so there are some links missing which I would have wanted to put in, maybe I'll do it later. Sadly I also wanted to download the gameplay trailer so that I could watch it again and a few times after that. And then my wife could watch it again and a few more times. Being both big Diablo 2 fans, we're excited about this one. And anyone who enjoyed Diablo 1 or 2 is gonna love this. Again Blizzard are doinga great job staying true to their game labels, where Starcraft 2 seems to be exactly what Starcraft fans what, I feel strongly that Diablo 3 is going to rock any Diablo fan's world!!! 

Rock On Blizzard! If you weren't in USA, I'd want to come and work for you as a game developer :)


  1. Your reaction is the same as most other's I've read on forums and blogs. Basically it insults the creators of the petition and those who signed it, but without actually reading it, evaluating it, and giving it any serious consideration.

    If you had, you would have seen that the creators of the petition were offering constructive criticism, made some very valid points, and provided various reference images for the reader to compare, so as to justify and reinforce their point.

  2. So, as you were saying, I and the 48k other people (as of 15 of July 2008) who signed the petitions are stupid?? Think again. MORON!!

  3. I watched the gameplay video again, and the only time i think it almost even might have looked like the petition ( which i have read ) suggests, is in the cut scene video clip with cain. That is it. The rest of the game looks and feels like the diablo franchise. And yes, i happily think that 48k ppl could be stupid, its not that hard to believe. I honestly think most of them are just bitter WoW haters without realising that if it werent for WoW Blizzard might not have had the money to bring back diablo and starcraft franchises and keep them as true to the originals as they could.

  4. The reason why it took them so long to make the sequel for diablo and starcraft it that they've put all their resources to WOW, when they realized it could be their cash cow. D2 and Starcraft are not flops and they too earned money for Blizzard. I could also happily say that WOW-lover morons like you must not know that, or you're just stuck your colorful-gayish WOW universe hence your ignorance. And yes, we hate it for them trying to infuse a WOWish colorful universe in D3. Since, there is big hint that you’re a WOW-lover, STFU and leave D3 alone.

  5. Clearly u get me wrong. I don't love WoW. I'm more of a Diablo/Starcraft fan. But I think that there is very little of WoW in Diablo 3 of what I have seen so far, the only instance I have noticed is one little cut scene clip. The universe that they implemented seems far from colorful, especially that second screen shot I posted. And seriously, how can you think they put all their resources into WoW, when Starcraft 2 has obviously been under work for at least 2 years ( excluding game design and concept stages ). I don't like to speculate, but I'm glad they did WoW, because this means that they can throw resources into their other titles, which I don't think might have been as easily available without WoW. Anyway, isn't the game about the gameplay? Even if there is an inkling of WoW style art in the game, so what? I play games to have fun, not get all touchy feely on myself about the art work. And I honestly think most other people do to. Thats why Starcraft is still one of the most popular RTS' available. Because its fucking awesome!!! Not because the medic's voice is too Charsi like, or Blizzard used names of literary characters for heroes, but because the gameplay is amazing. And thats almost all I care about. And no, I wont STFU.