RSS and your daily news

I was going to post the next in my programming series tonight, but i haven't had time or access to the laptop with CodeBlocks on it. I'm also off to an iPhone developer conference with work tomorrow, so i can't stay up too late blogging. It will be posted sometime during the week provided work doesn't take up too much time. So instead today i pose a question to an y readers that might follow my blog. And if you do follow my blog then i'm certain we share some interests, so the question is this:

What RSS feeds do you read?

This is my list:

  1.  Slashdot: almost every geek reads it. General news about science, computing and sometimes other big world news. Lately i find they are a bit slow on the up take, and the community tends to be like reddit or digg, but with geeks. All pushy and don't let any external news get in. But, still good enough news to warrant an RSS.
  2.  OSNews: simple site with a focus on latest operating system news. Often has the latest tech stuff a day before Slashdot. The continued updates about a lot of interesting OSes is always good, since i'm always looking for new stuff to try.
  3.  A few of my favourite things: A great blog about sci fi and science in general. Often has the latest Stargate and Lost updates. Also has some really interesting links and stories.
  4.  Worldly Weasel: A good world news blog, with good humour.
  5.  xkcd: An awesome web comic. I love geeky jokes, and as someone who majored in math i really enjoy some of the hardcore math humour.
  6.  Indexed: Another geeky comic, but very different to xkcd. Always graphs or ven diagrams, often making great social comment.
  7.  Boy on a stick and slither: yet another web comic. Somewhat cynical and dark, just my kind of thing
  8.  Explosm: A really disturbing web comic. Sometimes i ask myself why i read it, and that day will be a really great hilarious strip.
  9.  The Daily Mash: fantastic satire site, mostly making direct comment on stories published that day by the BBC. Some stories are really hilarious, but some required more knowledge of Britain than i have.
  10.  Wine Project: being a big fan of the Wine Project, i like to know when a new release is out so that i can download and install.
  11.  Digsby Blog: Updates from the Digsby project. An awesome free IM client, which i only use at work until the Linux version comes out. But it's more feature packed than any im client i have used, and doesn't feel bloated in any way.

Thats it. I didn't realise i read so many feeds, but its great to catch up with what's happening out there over my first morning coffee. Please do post a comment with any feeds you might get, or check out ones that i read to see if you like them. If you're using Google Reader to check out RSS feeds, it's great to share feeds if you just want interesting info from feeds your friends read.


  1. Here's some of my favorite gaming feeds:

    Crispy Gamer: independent game reviews/news site.

    Eegra!: I... guess it's about gaming?

    The action button: best reviews I've ever read. 30.000 words on Super Mario III.

    GameSetWatch: GameSetWatch is an alt.video game weblog from the people who run: Game Developer Magazine and Gamasutra. They have a nice feature where they collect interesting news from other blogs in one easy set of links.

  2. Hmm lemme think ...

    These two are cool online webcomics ...

    Penny Arcade
    Geek and Poke

    NYTimes A news site. Less tabloidish than other mainstream nonsense parading as serious news sites.

    Wishydig Mostly about the English Language; grammar whatnots. Has interesting articles.

    Pharyngula Prof PZ Myers blog.

    Metro In my defense, I do need to read the weird news of week for some on-demand articles.