Widgety goodness

If there are readers out there that follow my blog, you may have noticed the Widgetize button on the side, and potentially wondered what the frack that is. If you're using the Opera browser, you'll also get a little cog icon in the address bar. These are both links to an Opera widget for this blog!

So here's the details. I'm an Opera user, and love a lot of features. One of my new favorites is the user friendly RSS feed viewer, where when you click on a feed, instead of auto trying to add it somewhere, it gives you a really nice layed out version and asks whether you want to subscribe. Another feature that is growing on me, is their widgets. Specifically, the Opera Twitter Widget. Since i'm a twitter user i think it's great, and unlike desktop twitter gadgets, this is more easily accessible ( being another window ). Then i found this, a simple online wizard to widgetize your site! You can set up a wdget for many blogs or even your youtube gallery. So i followed their instructions, and now Opera users can get my blog as a widget.

Well i thought it was cool. What would be awesome is further intergration of widgets into Plasma ( KDE 4 ), by adding Opera widget support... wonder how easy that is.

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