Web Series, a new Frontier

Streaming media is not even close to a new trend, but amidst the mess that is copyright law in the USA, and the continued annoyance of geeks like myself and my wife at shows aimed at the sub 100 IQ population, a somewhat new trend of free web series is growing. Sometimes they're professionally done, with Hollywood actors, and sometimes not. Some of them have great production quality, and others look like awkward home videos. In general, their market is geeky and tech savvy, which makes great viewing for some of us. I'm a bit fussy about what i watch, and the production quality must be up to a certain level, so these are my top picks:
  •  Captain Blasto: My wife found this yesterday, and what a classic. The idea is simple, but great. He's a lonely comic book geek who lives at home with his mom. One day he decides that he should become a super hero, so he gets his friend to steal something, and he, Captain Blasto, comes to the rescue. A great idea, good production quality, and decent acting!
  •  Sanctuary: Its Amanda friggin Tapping!!! What, you don't know??? Ok maybe i'm a bit of a Stargate fan, but she's Major Samantha Carter from Stargate SG1. Great concept, great production quality, and great acting ( not just Tapping, the others are great too ), an all round winner. Basically, she ( Amanda Tapping ) runs a Sanctuary for mutants and monsters. Great fantasy/sci-fi mashup.
  •  Galacticast: I love satire and parody. I love sci-fi. Combine these two things, and i'm pretty happy. That's exactly what Galacticast does! A lot of the production quality is good ( definitely doesn't annoy me ), and most of the actors are really talented even though Rudy Jahchan tries a little too hard in my opinion. Their spoofs are awesome, and some amazing sci-fi references. This is a must!
  •  Legend of Neil: Ever played/seen/heard of Legend of Zelda? Legend of Neil might be for you. Neil is playing Zelda, and decides to perform auto erotic asphyxiation ( not kidding ) on himself with the game controller cord. Suddenly he wakes up in the world of Zelda. Although there is some "gross humour" in the show, most of it is classic to any one who enjoyed Super Nintendo and Nintendo games. Good production quality, and acting is great, especially with Felicia Day. It's probably second on my recommendation list, closely following a related series. Namely:
  •  The Guild: Felicia day heads up a really talented cast, with amazing production quality. It's about a Guild from some unnamed ( *cough*WoW ) MMORPG. It follows there real lives, and interactions outside of the game. The show is just brilliant in general, and i'd recommend it to anyone who plays or has played games. Top stuff, and we can only hope to see more like this.
  • A few notes: There are some that i didn't mention but know about ( Nocturnal, Tiny Chicken Machine Show, Afterworld ), and i'd appreciate people adding comments with some that they know about and i haven't listed. This is an industry where we are it's primary market, and without our support, it might collapse, as Eddie Izzard says, like a flan in a cupboard. I did NOT mention Dr Horrible. I have seen it, and enjoyed it, but after the initial preview, it was not available outside of USA. This disgusts me, and the creators should be ashamed. Yes, it was good, but in my opinion it falls under that same copyright mess as most Hollywood stuff.


    1. Actually, my problem is no matter how much I try, I am not very good. But I am the cheapest actor I know ;-) Thanks for the kind words.

    2. actually i think you're really talented, you just try to hard to get that across. i don't know much about acting though, so i'm far from a credible critic :)