Get Your Fresh OS on a Stick!

Recently i discovered an application that falls into a class of applications that stick in my mind for a long time. This includes apps like the SysInternals process manager for Windows ( because sometimes i like end task to end a task ). This application is called unetbootin and can be found here.

It is an app that allows you to install one of many listed operating systems onto a flash drive or potentially any disk. It makes the disk bootable, and comes with a list of most of the decently known Linux distros. And i say decently known, because distros such as Mint, CentOS, DSL, Puppy and others are included. It also allows you to download an iso image of your favourite distro and let unetbootin use the iso to create a bootable USB stick for you. It has a really simple interface and very seldom fails to do what you expect of it.

So why would i want something like this. Other than not caring to have lots of dvd's to burn, i also have an Asus EEE 701 with no external dvd drive, all i have is an old 1GB USB stick. So OS installation is not easy. Unetbootin allows me to change my OS as often as i want, which is exactly what i have done. The article following this will cover my adventures in switching OS... a few times.

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