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Since i am a game developer, it might be nice for any readers that i might have to see what i have done. I work for a dutch game developer Codeglue, and our first iPhone game hit the App Store yesterday. The game is on special at $2.99 until 5 Jan. Myself and Harald Maasen were the two lead developers on the project, with my main focus being on the graphics engine ( or at least that's what i'm most proud of ). The game is called HydroTilt, and its basically a 3D puzzle game based on rolling a water droplet around a level, collecting a "cool" block that turns you into ice, and carrying it to the finish. The levels become progressively harder with more puzzles to solve, and a skill based challenge in getting the elusive crystal to unlock a special treat. On the surface it sounds like a great idea, but it really needs to video to show how awesome this game is:

As you can see, the graphics are really easy on the eyes and the gameplay is intuitive. We at Codeglue are really proud of this game ( especially the game's lead designer Tom Rutjens ) and hope to see it do well in the App Store. The game is produced by Peter de Jong, and published by Publisher X. A review was done by Touch Arcade here, and i will probably post many more links to reviews of the game. if any reader does download it, i would greatly appreciate it if you could post a video of the credits on youtube, veoh or any other video site and send me a link. Other than having my name in it, there is something special about the credits ;)

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