Opera 10, another great update, another cheesy name

Opera, my favorite browser, is heading toward another release. Opera 10 is due sometime next year, but word has it that the first alpha will be out in the next 2 weeks!! Of course there are many reasons why people use Opera above another browser, Speed Dial, Mouse Gestures ( seriously, i can't live without them anymore ), Opera Link ( sync of all the important stuff ), Custom searches and a pretty decent mail client and feed reader. So what are they adding this time?

Of course there is always a bit of an interface upgrade with Opera, as is expected for every major release. We saw this for 9.5 and i get the feeling that it is a taste of what 10 will look like. The are also throwing in an upgrade of their layout engine, Presto. This means faster rendering, and as always, more compatibility. Always more widget enhancements, and that little bit more security that they always give you in Opera. Two of the big new features that are expected are the inline spell check ( useful for people who still suck at typing like myself ), and an auto update feature!

Oh, and the name... Peregrine.

UPDATE: As confirmed by Opera on twitter first alpha comes tomorrow! I was guess next week, but i'm glad i was wrong!


  1. How can you title your article "Opera 10, another great update, another cheesy name" , without saying what the name of the next version is. lame

  2. um... read the last line of the blog :) thanks for the support tho!